About Us

The World Revealed was started in August 27, 2005 by Jane Steranko.

“I’ve been a natural scientist all my life beginning with watching ants when I was four.  Playing included exploring in my big backyard and the surrounding blocks. I remember at the school library I had checked out all the dinosaur and planet books. I did my second report on nuclear radiation in grade school. I was always disappointed when yet an other year had gone past where my class had not complete the science text book. I just read ahead.

My dad had to take a long business trip back East. He took my mom, my younger sister and I with him.  We stopped to visit my Great Uncle Charles. He invited us girls outside to see his beautiful backyard full of trees. He told us the moss always grows on the north side of the trees. Later on Great Uncle Charles was on the cover of Parade Magazine as the most important person outside of Vermont in the maple syrup industry. I had no idea he was a scientist! He had invented the reverse osmosis process allowing lower grades of maple syrup to push out the impurities to elevate the syrup to become a higher quality. Science was in my blood!

Since her first interview with Professor Marlin Mickle about Radio Frequency Identity Devices, RFID, she has been conducting radio interviews one hour at a time for SEVEN YEARS. Now TWR is embarking on pod casting to better fit the listener’s schedule. TWR’s goals are to provide the listener with knowledge about science, the story of the scientific experience and to help the listener to better approach problem solving to protect his or her’s self interests in life.

Although Steranko is not a scientist, it serves the listener well in making science more approachable and accessible. She does her homework about the topic and asks the questions the listener wants answered in a way the listener can understand it.

The story of science can be quite compelling and captivating. To listen to a Noble Laureate talk about the day the big discovery was made, the road map and the road blocks to this discovery is often more interesting than any tabloid story. The additional benefits are the listener learns and might use some of the advice the scientist takes in solving problems.

We crave our listeners feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or how we can improve. Do you have a show idea? Please share your idea with us!