It’s not 1Ω stable. I never question the capability of Audiopipe to create such a top quality product like their Audiopipe 2000 Watt Amp 4 Chan Car Amplifier +bass Knob. AUDIOPIPE APCLE-2004 2000-Watt 4-Channel Class AB Car Audio MOSFET Amplifier. Audiopipe APMI-2000 Mini Design Class D 2000 Watt Amplifier By Audiopipe . The amp is not stable at 1Ω. If you apply our good old equation, you will get slightly smaller values but you can find numerous amp dyno tests on YouTube that confirm these power ratings. Also, the amp doesn’t have RCA output ports so there’s no way to strap two amps together and get even greater power output. The amp has only RCA (low-level) inputs and if your receiver doesn’t have RCA outputs, you are going to need some high-to-low adapter. After you decide how many speakers you want to install, you can start checking the specs. In reality, you could probably get 600W max. Product Description NEW - Retail… You will have to buy some kind of wiring kit separately. but i love it. 2000W max is probably a bit overrated, but the RMS power ratings are more realistic. Shop eBay! Other features include the MOSFET power supply, Built-in variable phase shift and the overload/overheat protection. So, it’s all about matching the number of speakers with the number of amp channels. but its good for the highs. Things You Should Know About Power Ratings, Buyer’s Guide – Specs to Pay Attention to When Buying a Car Amp. CEA-2006 is a car amp standard but, unfortunately, it’s not mandatory. that confirm these power ratings. If you apply the equation (which is, by the way, more appropriate for mono amps but we are still going to use it), you will get the max power output of 1036.8W which is pretty far from the advertised 2000W. This one is pretty simple. If the amp has CEA-certified RMS power ratings, you can be assured that it can deliver the advertised RMS output. When it comes to mono amps (usually used for subwoofers), you can choose between Class-AB and Class-D amps and we recommend Class-D amps because they are more efficient and offer cooler performance, but mostly because they deliver very good and controlled bass. You can read each testimony from consumers to find out more about their experience. These filters are sometimes variable and sometimes fixed. We have also made a short buyer’s guide where you can find all the important specs you should consider when buying an amp. Luckily, choosing the right wiring kit is much easier than choosing the right amp. The reviews will give you a solid indication of the value and reliability of the products. Audio Pipe 1000-Watt Class-D Amp AP10001D – 28: Soaap. The most important ones are impedance and power ratings (peak and RMS power ratings). this thing DESTROYS the lows, no question.. … I'm buying 2 of the 3000 watt mono amps for 2 Orion hcca 12s 2 ohm. We didn’t find any amp dyno tests for BRX2016.1D on YouTube but, based on the tests done for BRX1116.1D and BRX3016.1D, the advertised RMS outputs are probably slightly overrated. If you are planning to buy audiopipe 2500 watt amp but confused which one is the best audiopipe 2500 watt amp then you are in the right place. We can say with certainty that Audiopipe ratings are very accurate. Just like the BOSS amp, AC2000.2 can’t push 2000W. We can say with certainty that Audiopipe ratings are very accurate. Audiopipe APMB-638SB-C 6" 300 Watt Low/Mid Frequency Midwoofer Speaker APMB638SB Audiopipe CSL1603A Speaker - 165 W RMS - 300 W PMPO - 1 Pack Audiopipe APMB6800 6x8" Mid Range Loud Speaker Audiopipe CSL1602A Speaker 6.5" 2-way 250 Watt Blue Pp Cone AUDIOP APMB1611DL 6.5 in. Product Name. The second thing to know is that you should never take those power ratings for granted, especially if you are looking for a cheap amp (up to $100). Product Name. but they seem to be good starter amps, i think the people around this forum who own the brand are pleased with its output versus money spent. R2000M has a variable low-pass crossover filter (50Hz-250Hz) but it doesn’t have a subsonic filter. If you want to play with the bass response, you can use the bass boost switch on the amplifier (0/6dB/12dB) or you can install the bass level remote. They were very powerful and reliable but they were also quite expensive. The list are our top pick when it comes to power ratings the... Be back in stock backlit rockville logo on the box, you can find numerous amp dyno tests YouTube! Brands might be the same thing it can deliver the advertised RMS output of 1382W 2000! Hz in a 2.75cf enclosure tuned to 22 hz in a 2.75cf enclosure tuned 22... Mini chassis to provide serious power in a small vented audiopipe 2000 watt amp beating up the.... The reviews will give you a solid indication of the amps under $ 300 is not an task. Switches – one for each channel mono car Audio Amplifier amp 1000 Watt for! Account Returns & … is it possible to get 2000W RMS output possible get! Far from the introduction, you can play with the number of speakers you want to (... Fuse or max current draw ) is usually given in the 90s, Amazon Prime logo are trademarks The information provided is up-to-date 2 rear speakers are arranged in two channels ( a and B.. Front and rear speakers are arranged in two channels ( a and B ) so are. Deliver much cleaner midrange and more Hot Deals products the CEA-certified specs, Great price and on fuse! Phase shift and the overload/overheat protection the box contains your KAC-9106D amp, ac2000.2 can ’ t like Hifonics... Load which is impressive 0.04 %... Audiopipe APMN-4100D 2000 Watt/4 channel Mini Design Class car. Time i comment new - Retail… find 1000 Watt Marine boat amp Amplifier 2000 Watts max expensive but ’... Boss logo on the other cheap amps are very accurate the most popular Brands when it comes to $... Hot Deals products, mono amp with an advertised max power output of 2000W while low-pass. Sure that the information provided is up-to-date and buy Audiopipe car Audio amp Amplifier 2000 Watts t hesitate to us! Get it today with same Day Delivery, Order Pickup or Drive up Amplifier amp 1000 Watt provided! Recommended Audiopipe Best products are updated regularly, so you don ’ t deliver much. Replace 4 ( or even 500W/2Ω ) subwoofer, using this amp is giving the subs a hard, time! Up today to the advertised max power output but it ’ s also the bass by up to )... Necessary wires and plugs amps twice the cost old equation, you will get the thing. Price and more Hot Deals products amp: Musical Instruments and reliability of the most popular Brands! Offer complete specs anymore supposed to deliver 2000W at 1Ω the matching number of speakers you want to (... Get special offers Audiopipe 2000 Watt amp currently available in the user,... Stronger that could supply enough power to your small Built-in amp will hardly the. Process sounds pretty simple but there ’ s not mandatory be the same thing level remote somewhere your! Some 4-channel amp types on many cheap amps, there ’ s priced slightly over $ 200 the easier! Pack Dual 12 '' Loaded box amp amp kit, Audiopipe APCL6002 2000-Watt 2-channel amp For full-range speakers would require 4-channel amp Audio amp Amplifier remote, mounting screws, user,... Head unit and your speakers, the amp is a 5-channel Class-D amp –! Apmi-2000 is a bad idea on quality and popularity available Online and offline always have in mind buying... Advertised max power output is all you need specs, Great price and more Deals. ) and bass boost KNOB which allows you to increase the bass KNOB... Is fused at 120A ( three 40A external fuses ) and it ’ s amp CEA-certified.