Flipping Switches and Learning by Giving

When learning something new and on your own the whole process can be like being in a closet and not knowing where the light switch is and bumping to everything and everybody. I have been plagued by thoughts of not only getting my fingers burnt, having to do everything again, but most importantly disappointing others who believed in me.

I finally found a team of information technology people who have helped lead me to the light switch. Rene Williamson, the founder of Steel City Technologies, and Garth Schafer, the team’s audio guru, have sliced and diced the weeds out of my way. I am so grateful!

I am not, let me repeat, I a not a techie so very few things have not been intuitive for my step by step advancements. An other big help has been volunteering at the Carnegie Library System specifically at the Carnegie Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. CLBH is also affiliated with the State of Pennsylvania and the Library of Congress. I mainly spend my time editing the narrated audio books. My goals eventually are to offer a deeper and wider selection about science and to get the services into the ears of the our disabled veterans. A book can offer new worlds to explore.

While it may seems like I am donating my time editing for the CLBPH, I am also learning how to get organized and use optimal software for the best audio outcome. The help is the two way street. I must add when I really needed it, I realized I am a pretty good editor.  The occasional pat on the back really helps in the face of parking by Braille.

When it is all said and done I might just make a YouTube video on how to make a interview podcast.


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