Vacation Trails

I’ve had about 5 days to ruminate about my summer vacation. I took the near the same trip as I did last year, only by myself. As a native Montanan, I find great serenity near the mountains. This shot was taken right near the east gate of Yellowstone National Park. Doesn’t it look like serenity to you?

I left Salt Lake and headed north to a little town, Driggs, Idaho that serves as a bedroom community for the workers of Jackson, Wyoming. The town impressed me so much I made my way across the street to the City Hall and found myself talking to the mayor and chief economic development adviser.  It’s a town with few negatives and yeah, very near Jackson, Wyoming. Nuff said.

I left Driggs and went to Jackson, thanking my lucky stars my breaks worked well at landing safely from the Teton Pass somewhere around 8-9,000 ft in elevation to 6,723 ft in elevation in about 15 – 20 minutes. My lunch was from the Red Iguana in Salt Lake which arguably serves the best mole sauce north of the border. The park bench was where I had my left overs. The town square, a park with two sets of columns of cow skulls diagonally across from each other served as the entrances into the park, setting the frontier spirit ambiance squarely on the visitor’s mind. With no time to tarry I shot off to claim my tent space at Colter Bay, like I did last year. It was still BEAUTIFUL!

Got my tent set up then took a nap. Of all of my camp neighbors the only one to bother to cross my path was a fox. Like the other neighbors, he did not stop to chat. SoOK, I headed over to the Jackson Lodge for dinner, drinks and jazz or was it jazz, drinks and dinner? Sallright, I visited the gift store before the drinking and found a stuffed bison for my dog to hunt and destroy went I got home.  As I type, there are bison guts on the floor, polyester fill.

Next morning I scored some coffee and oatmeal at the camp village of all the standard shops, showered, laundered then back to dismantle the tent.  Good thing. I had every intention of really doing the Yellowstone portion of the trip this year having encountered forest fires last year. But, with over cast skies and chances of rain higher that 40% finding a room or the will to pitch a tent in the rain I was eastward thinking.

The one thing all the rain brought was everything was so pretty and green. A forest with plenty of moisture in the middle of summer offers such abundance of life and sweet scent of pine I could not help but believe I had witnessed Yellowstone at it’s peak, brief but perfect.

I approached yet an other village around the cauldron, the rain was not giving up. I went to the PERMITS office and ask one of the rangers what the latest update on the weather was. With creased brows and serious eyes, “Just got a report 15 minutes ago a storm with quarter sized hail is expected to come across the lake soon”. Adios, Yellowstone.


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  1. A lovely read! I feel like I was on the trip with you. I hope to travel to Yellowstone next year – a trip that’s been on my Bucket List for years!! Thank you for this lovely travelogue!

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